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Diana Craig Sparks

Diana Sparks

Diana Craig Sparks is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers with a specialty in Antiques & Residential Contents.

Involved in fashion history for over 12 years, she is the owner of Belle à Coeur Treasure Trove Vintage.

Belle à Coeur Treasure Trove Vintage is home to such niceties as delicate antique dresses,

to early 1900s styles, to mid-century fashions,

as well as hats, purses and other accessories as well fabulous vintage jewelry.

Visit the shop at

Lauren Fix: The Car Coach

Lauren Fix

About Lauren Fix: The Car Coach®

• Seen and heard coast to coast on major TV, print,web and radio.            
• Winning professional race car driver and alpha mom.
• Educational background in engineering and marketing.
• Award winning Automotive and Lifestyle Expert
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Paula D'Amico


Paula D’Amico is on a mission to bring hope and healing into people's lives.

She is a Wife, Mother, TV-Producer, Lightworker, Life Gardener,

and owner/creator of Blessings by Nature®.


Besides a rich background in Communications, Paula has a deep history in horticulture that dates back to her childhood when she worked side by side, deep in the dirt with her father, a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Horticulture.

In the past several years, Paula has studied under several local and international experts uncovering the power of plants and how the simple placement of plants and the use of Feng Shui in conjunction with her deep religious roots can transform one’s life.

Blessings by Nature® creations help heal hearts, lift spirits, re-ignite energy, and celebrate life simply by using the power of plants, herbs, and words.

Creations include a variety of sachets, glass vessels, and custom order baskets filled with a unique combination of gifts, organic herbs, and words helping to restore balance, bring clarity, and deliver positive energy into your life.

Blessings by Nature® also offers “Plant Power” workshops.

For more information:

Angie R. Lucarini

Angie is a wife, and mother of 5 children. She has written countless articles over the years that have been published in the Niagara Gazette. While I have a BS in Elementary Education, and an MS in Educational Foundations, I have always had a passion for writing.
After teaching for many years, I took time off to raise my children, yet I continued to write. In addition to writing articles, I also authored two books, and was keynote motivational speaker at several women's conferences. Later on, I went on to produce, edit, & co-host my own local television show for two years.

JAG In Her Basement


JAG In Her Basement


JAG is "Just A Girl in her basement" giving you advice on all sorts of issues related to women! JAG is interested in what interests you, so don't be afraid to let JAG know what's on your mind, because she doesn't have a problem letting you know what's on hers.

Paulette Krakowski, Artist

Paulette Krakowski


Paulette Krakowski is an Artist and the Art Gallery owner of  Enjoy The Journey Art Gallery in West Seneca.  The facility offers monthly art exhibits and openings for local artists, a gift shop and art classes. The gallery is working with many local artists, the two local high school art academies as well as raising funds for scholarships and local charities. The gallery has extended holiday hours for the one-of a kind gifts. logo

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Welcome to!

Decision Time!



Decisions….Decisions…Choices...Choices! We make a lot of decisions every day; some are easy, transactional choices, like what to wear, or what to eat. Those type of choices and decisions we make quite readily. There are also transformational choices—the critical, pivotal points in our lives when what we decide can have lasting impact. These are the decisions that take much introspection and courage. The transformational choices are wise decisions that can change the direction of your life—putting your life on a path to success…and more importantly, significance.

Nido R. Qubein wrote “Success & Significance.” And his remarks are poignant. “The bottom line is this: What you choose is what you get. Five years from today, you will be exactly the same person you are today except for the choices you make beginning right now.”

So why not make wise choices that move your life forward—rather than choices that you will likely regret. The impact of our decisions can metaphorically be likened to a stone thrown into a smooth pond. How many rings reverberate from that stone? One or two? Or are there three or four or six or seven or even more? The stone has a weight to it, and carries power thrust as the stone hits the water. What do you want the impact to be of your decisions on you life? Have you thought about the consequences of your decisions?

We want to make the right decisions for our lives. And sometimes we doubt. Sometimes we just aren’t ready to make a decision—we have to ponder it for a while. Mother’s wisdom to “sleep on it over-night and it will look clearer in the morning” is sage advice. Sometimes, for our intuitive insights to fully process, we need a little more time. Some people seek guidance outside themselves for answers….trusted loved ones, friends, colleagues, clergy, experienced advisors, and healers. Ultimately though, the decision is ours to make. Because our entire lives are made up of decisions—some life-altering—it makes good sense to think about the decisions and choices we make, or that we need to make. How do you make your decisions? What is the deep process you use when faced with a dilemma or are holding a wariness over which choice is the best one to move forward? What pivotal decisions have you made that impacted your future (either positively or negatively)? And what’s that next decision to be made—the one that has your name on it? (See Lights On!...Illuminations to Move Your Life Forward….the Book!)

Claire Knowles is a 2-time Amazon best-selling author, in-demand Speaker and Business Leadership Consultant, helping Leaders (especially women leaders) and their Teams become the most effective they can be at accomplishing their goals (together).



Tiger lilies for mom

I put some flowers on your grave today for your birthday. You always had a beautiful sunny day for your birthday, and today is no exception. It is going to be one of the hottest days of the summer this year, and you enjoyed sunshiny, hot days.

When I breathe in the color orange it energizes my soul

I chose tiger lilies from my garden; 3 of them for each of your children.

Tiger lilies are so strong they grow like weeds. And you too were stronger than anyone I have ever met. You met challenges on a daily basis gracefully. You honored every breath that you took in life; explaining to me that you will never die. And you are here now to guide me in writing about you and your wonder.

According too many theories on color, the color orange is the color of love and happiness. I believe that is why I chose these beautiful flowers for you. You brought love and happiness to my childhood, and helped me through many struggles in my life without telling me what to do. You stood by all of your children no matter what the circumstances.

I only hope that I am treasured by my children as much as you are by your family. No unkind words were ever spoken of you. You were like your name; an angel in disguise. And now you have your wings and can send your energy to everyone who misses you.

Missing you is like a deep hole in my soul. There is a spot down there that is beginning to fill with the energy you send me to keep writing about you and your life. You want everyone to know that you are still here and speak to us in different ways; it may be in the soft breezes that circle around dropping scents of purple, soft lilacs, or just the scattering of leaves in front of me as l walk along my path. And I know it is you, and as I breathe in the warm, fresh air, I think of you every moment of the day.

Love and happiness theories on Color: Wills, P. (1993). Colour Therapy: The Use of Color for Healing and Health. Element Publishing. Rockport, MA.



You know that "like it, love it , got to have it" excitement that we see in the eyes of teens, and young people everywhere? What if we could capture that? Think about it..."sports car $35,000, getaway vacation $6,000, euphoria PRICELESS". Euphoria is defined as a feeling, or state of intense excitement and happiness. It is that special something that puts a bounce in our step, a twinkle in our eye, that fire inside of us that propels us.

When we are excited, in such a euphoric state, chemicals called endorphins are released into our body. These endorphins can give us the sensation that some have often referred to as "runner's high". You may have experienced it after a vigorous workout. Or, perhaps for the thrill of it, you went on a roller coaster ride, and "woahhh ...what a feeling!"

I recently visited a theme park with my family, and I decided to go for it, joining my children on several of the exhilarating rides. This was something I hadn't done in years. For some reason, once I had children I felt more vulnerable, and therefore stopped doing things that might be considered a risk. This included, going for hikes down to the Niagara Gorge, which was something I always loved & found invigorating. Now there I was, taking a leap out onto these intoxicating rides. I LOVED IT!!!

It really caused me to ponder a few things. First of all, I thought to myself, "why the heck did I wait so long?" Not only did it feel amazing to let go, and have some real fun for a night, but I wanted more. I began to contemplate how a good majority of people who enjoy rides, and/or thriller movies, end up no longer entertaining either of them later in life. I also wondered, if giving in to fears, & feelings of being vulnerable simply because we become parents, could possibly act as an aging force in our lives? And yet, the contrary could also prove true...I might then surmise, that if adults, and parents go back to doing more of the things they once loved to do, such as going on rides, it would be truly euphoric!

Imagine this if you will, if more parents, and adults did things just for the thrill of it. The euphoric feelings and endorphins being produced would more than likely promote better health. A little further still, consider this thought, "if we take the plunge out into the unknown today, we'll get through every mundane tomorrow, smiling & laughing all the way."




red light camera sign - photo enforced


I don’t like red light cameras. They are an invasion of privacy that the government has forced on its citizens. After reading this,, I like them even less.

I will forgo the jokes about crime and the mob and Chicago. But this red light camera case was exposed when the Chicago Tribune investigated a spike in red light tickets. The fact that the contract ended because Redflex Traffic Systems, the company who had the contract with the City of Chicago, was bribing a city official didn’t help either. It’s a mess. A federal lawsuit seeking $100 million in refunds was filed over the corruption, and city aldermen are investigating Redflex and the city because of the Tribune story.

This is why red light cameras should be taken down. Ideally the cameras are installed to help with traffic violations. At least that’s what citizens are told when by their government, right? Never mind that we shouldn’t be informed so much as asked, but that is another discussion for another time.

Are red light violations going down? Are drivers any safer? Probably not, but the city governments that use red light cameras are richer, I am sure. In this case, Chicago brought in $500 million in ticket fines. Why do we tolerate our government at the local and national levels abusing us?

This is more than a simple corruption case. It’s a breach of trust case. How can the government expect us to trust that it has our best interests in mind when something as simple as a red light camera contract is subject to being used to take advantage of the people?

I think it is high time that we the people stand up and tell our government that it’s stepping way past its boundaries. At the same time, WE need to start being more responsible about our freedoms or we soon won’t have any left. Government serves at our pleasure for our collective protection. Government needs to be reminded of that.

But what do you think?

My Final Thought:

We’ve all seen that driver, or parker. The one who takes up a space and a half or parks so close to you that there isn’t anyway to get into your car with out dinging the other one. Sometimes, it’s enough to make you scream, maybe even lash out—which I don not recommend or endorse. But in New York—Queens to be precise, one person has had enough:


I’m just going to leave this little gem here. And don’t be that park



Stocking Girl

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Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles

Claire Knowles is a retired human resources and labor relations manager,

certified in coaching and mediation. She is a partner in Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc.

Her coaching/consulting focus can be viewed at Lights On! is created especially for women:

Presentations, Consulting, Coaching, Retreats, and Facilitations.

Doris Richardson-Edsell


Doris Richardson-Edsell is a retired registered nurse who worked as a counselor and group therapist at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center for over 25 years. She has an MS in Professional Leadership from St. Bonaventure University.

Since her retirement, Doris now works on her passions; teaching  yoga at Southtowns Fitness in Hamburg, NY, and volunteering time and paid work for her former employer teaching yoga and meditation.
"I love to write and post a daily health tip on my website called Body-Mind Health-" Recently, with the help of Amazon, Doris turned her blog posts into books. Her focus is on providing others with healthy mind, body and soulful tips.

Kimberly Montini

R+F Independent Consultant


Kim Montini

your consultant

My Story

I am proud to represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

These uniquely effective skincare products are designed by two of the most respected dermatologists in the country with a legacy of delivering on what they promise.

I believe that using Rodan + Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist … without an appointment.

Rodan and Fields can truly transform your skin.


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